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If your Blue Spring's home is in need of a new water heater call All About Comfort for Water Heater Repairs & Installations

A properly functioning water heater is an essential part of everyday living. A malfunctioning water heater can cause a serious disruption in your day to day activities (like washing dishes, taking a shower or even doing laundry). If a problem does occur with your water heater, you want to take action immediately. At All About Comfort Heating and Cooling our team can get your water heating system back up and running in no time! 

All About Comfort Heating and Cooling provides water heating service to customers in and around the Blue Springs area. From water heater replacements, annual maintenance, to minor water heater repairs we're here to help by providing affordable effective HVAC service. 

We provide and install a wide range of quality water heaters. Call (816)847-5557 to find out more.

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Signs your water heater needs to be serviced:

  • Water leakage around the base

  • Unusual noises

  • Rotten egg smell

  • Less-to-none hot water

  • Water is too hot

New Water Heater Installs and Replacements - Water heater systems last an average of 10 years. If you choose or need to get a new water heater system for your home, consider these factors: tank size (larger your family-larger the size), type of energy (gas or electric), warranty and overall efficiency (save environment while saving money long-term).

Preventative Maintenance - Help continue the efficiency of your water heater and minimize the need for repairs by scheduling an annual water heater maintenance. During a routine maintenance we typically flush the unit, clean the filter and examine the components. 

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