Get Your Home's Heating System Prepared for Cold Weather Now

Living in the KC Metro area, the weather goes from hot to cold in a flash! When the frigid air strikes, you can only hold on for so long before giving in and turning on your heating system. Well, what if your home's furnace doesn't work when you turn it on for the first time? Then you'll have a big problem on your hands... and hopefully a stock-pile of blankets to keep you warm until a HVAC technician can come out and take a look. The trick in having your heating system work right the first time you turn it on in this Fall, is to make sure you prepare NOW, before the weather gets cold and it's too late. 

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Here are some heating system maintenance tips to help maintain your comfort and avoid unexpected repairs to your furnace before temperatures begin to drop.

Make sure your furnace area is free of clutter - When your not using your furnace, its easy to allow that area to become a little messy. Prep your furnace and avoid furnace related fires by sweeping around it and removing all debris before you turn it on. 

Inspect outside exhaust flues - Make sure the flue is free and clear of any obstructions such as bird nests, wasp nests, branches or leaves. 

Check your carbon monoxide detectors - Any type of fuel-burning appliance such as; fireplaces, furnaces, boilers and space heaters can let off the deadly gas, carbon monoxide. That's why its important to make sure your detectors are working properly. It's recommended to change your alarms batteries at least once a year. 

Ease up on using your programmable thermostat - The weather is unpredictable in Kansas City during the fall/winter months. If you set back your thermostat, your home will have a harder time warming back up which will consume lots of energy in order to do so. 

Change your Furnace Air Filter - It's good to change these out, at least every 3 months. Read more energy saving tips...

Check your home's insulation - This is the perfect time of the year to inspect your home's insulation. Check walls, attics, and doors to make sure no cold air is entering the house. 

HVAC Fall Weather prep time

While it's possible to do most of the furnace maintenance yourself, it's best to leave it up to a HVAC professional to do during an annual furnace tune-up. A certified heating repair and service technician will be able to quickly check your system and perform the important maintenance tasks that is needed to make sure your heating system is working at peak performance before the weather cools down. 

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